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The Easiest at Home Way to Clean Your Bling

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Has your Bling lost its luster, does it look a little filled with gunk?... It's okay, you're not the only one! Here is our latest blog post about how to keep that ring of yours sparkling like WOW. Here's how:

Step 1: Find Your Ring

Step 2: Hot Water, Oxyclean, Toothbrush

Grab a bowl, some hot (not boiling) water, a pinch of Oxyclean and have a soft bristle toothbrush at the ready! Place your ring in the mixture of Oxyclean and water and proceed to WAIT for 10-15 minutes. Let those bubbles go to work! 

Step 3: Rinse and Scrub

Don't be alarmed! There might be some funky stuff floating around in your Oxyclean bath - all that mystery gunk has been loosened up and now needs to be scrubbed and rinsed out. Grab that SOFT bristle toothbrush and with the faucet running give the open space behind your stone a good old scrub. Rinse and scrub until it looks as though your ring has been officially de-gunked. 

Step 4: Dry that Puppy off and be AMAZED!




That's it! A simple soak and a gentle scrub can keep your ring looking stellar all the time. In order to minimize the amount of debris that can build up behind the stone take your rings off when applying hand lotion and rinse behind the stone every time you wash your hands. But, when the time comes this simple at home trick can remove more of the stubborn gunk that can take up residency behind your bezel. 

*****Always remember to keep you and your rings away from harsh chemicals including bleach and chlorine as they can damage the integrity of your ring! ****

Show us how clean you can get your rings #onegarnetgirl