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Keeping Your Piece Bright and Beautiful: Cleaning and Care Tips

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Does your piece lack the luster it once had? Stone look a little cloudy? Even have some interesting gunk building up under that bezel? Fear not! Here are a few quick and easy steps to return that sparkle in your favorite piece!

Simple Steps to Keep Your Ring Clean

1. Keep Those Hands Clean - Every time you wash your hands, take a minute to rinse the back side of your ring (underneath the bezel) this will help to prevent any gunk from starting to build up and cloud your stone. 

2. Need a deeper Clean? Grab your ring, some hot water, and a pinch of Oxyclean. Place your ring in the solution of Oxyclean and hot water for a 15 minutes, this will help to dissolve any built up skin cells, lotion, hand soap and any other things that make be hiding behind your stone! After the 15 minutes is up take a SOFT bristle toothbrush and give the area behind the stone a good scrub, this will help to remove the dissolved debris. Rinse under the faucet and BAM! Look at that puppy sparkle! 


Chlorine - including any found in hot tubs or pools, Harsh Cleaning Chemicals - they aren't good for you or your jewelry