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Citrine - November Birthstone

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Madelynn Cassin

This sunny yellow gemstone is the birthstone for November. Natural citrine is a very rare to come by, so most citrine you will find out in the marketplace is actually Purple Amethyst that has been heat treated until it glows the golden yellow we know as citrine. These two stones are both members of the quartz family, having varying levels of oxidation of iron found in the crystal. When heated the iron impurities in the purple amethyst are reduced resulting in the golden orange color. Citrine is a 7 on the MOHs hardness scale and is the most popular yellow gemstone on the market. 


Above we have two examples of our own designs that incorporate citrine. Our Trillion Shaped Chevron Band in Sterling Silver available here as well as our Extra Large 9mm Citrine stud earrings available here.


For more information about Citrine, check out a few of our information sources and as always the trusty GIA Encyclopedia!