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Aquamarine - March Birthstone

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This ocean blue stone is a favorite among many including the lucky ones who have it as their birthstone. Aquamarine is a member of the Beryl family also related to Morganite (another favorite of ours!). This stone is a great option for an alternative engagement ring as the stone has a hardness of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs Scale. Our favorite source, the GIA has this to say about Aquamarine: 

Aquamarine’s name comes from the Latin for seawater and it was said to calm waves and keep sailors safe at sea. March’s birthstone was also thought to enhance the happiness of marriages. The best gems combine high clarity with limpid transparency and blue to slightly greenish blue hues. Like many beryls, aquamarine forms large crystals suitable for sizable fashioned gems and carvings.

For more information about Aquamarine and images of it in the rough check out the GIA Encyclopedia.

Garnet - January Birthstone

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Princess Cut Garnet Ring in Sterling Silver available  here. 

Princess Cut Garnet Ring in Sterling Silver available here. 

Rhodolite Garnet Solitaire Ring in Matte Sterling Silver available  here . 

Rhodolite Garnet Solitaire Ring in Matte Sterling Silver available here

Emerald Cut Pink Garnet Ring in Sterling Silver available  here . 

Emerald Cut Pink Garnet Ring in Sterling Silver available here

Cushion Cut Crimson Garnet Ring in Sterling Silver available  here . 

Cushion Cut Crimson Garnet Ring in Sterling Silver available here


Let's "ring" (no pun intended!) in the New Year and Celebrate with those January babes. Garnet, January's birthstone, comes in some superb and brilliant colors ranging from crimson red, to bright pink (Rhodolite Garnet) to a unique bright green (tsavorite) even being found in orange and rarely, blue tones.  This unique stone ranges from a 6.5 to a 7.5 on the MOHs Scale. It pairs greatly with bright sterling silver as well as gold. Above is a selection of some of our most loved Garnet and Rhodolite Garnet Rings. Looking for something custom for your someone special? Contact us here

For more excellent facts on Garnet check out the GIA Encyclopedia

Blue Topaz - December Birthstone

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Blue Topaz stacking set available  here. 

Blue Topaz stacking set available here. 

Blue Topaz comes in a variety of luscious tones, sweet Sky blue, bright Swiss blue and the deep dark London Blue. These bright and fantastic blues are a favorite of ours here at Madelynn Cassin Designs. We love the brilliant colors and the durability of Topaz, an 8 on the MOHs scale. 


For more excellent facts about Topaz and all its varieties check out our tried and true source for Gemstone Facts - the GIA Encyclopedia. 

The Easiest at Home Way to Clean Your Bling

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Has your Bling lost its luster, does it look a little filled with gunk?... It's okay, you're not the only one! Here is our latest blog post about how to keep that ring of yours sparkling like WOW. Here's how:

Step 1: Find Your Ring

Step 2: Hot Water, Oxyclean, Toothbrush

Grab a bowl, some hot (not boiling) water, a pinch of Oxyclean and have a soft bristle toothbrush at the ready! Place your ring in the mixture of Oxyclean and water and proceed to WAIT for 10-15 minutes. Let those bubbles go to work! 

Step 3: Rinse and Scrub

Don't be alarmed! There might be some funky stuff floating around in your Oxyclean bath - all that mystery gunk has been loosened up and now needs to be scrubbed and rinsed out. Grab that SOFT bristle toothbrush and with the faucet running give the open space behind your stone a good old scrub. Rinse and scrub until it looks as though your ring has been officially de-gunked. 

Step 4: Dry that Puppy off and be AMAZED!




That's it! A simple soak and a gentle scrub can keep your ring looking stellar all the time. In order to minimize the amount of debris that can build up behind the stone take your rings off when applying hand lotion and rinse behind the stone every time you wash your hands. But, when the time comes this simple at home trick can remove more of the stubborn gunk that can take up residency behind your bezel. 

*****Always remember to keep you and your rings away from harsh chemicals including bleach and chlorine as they can damage the integrity of your ring! ****

Show us how clean you can get your rings #onegarnetgirl 

Sapphire - September Birthstone

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Looking for a birthday present for that special September baby in your life? Get a little inspiration from Sapphire, September's birthstone. Here are a few facts about Sapphires from our favorite Gem Encyclopedia - from the GIA.

Besides blue sapphire and ruby, the corundum family also includes so-called “fancy sapphires.” They come in violet, green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, and intermediate hues. Some stones exhibit the phenomenon known as color change, most often going from blue in daylight or fluorescent lighting to purple under incandescent light. Sapphires can even be gray, black, or brown.


Sapphire’s blue can be vivid and saturated, like it’s lit from within. 


It’s so durable, synthetic sapphire is used for the windows of supermarket scanners and spacecraft.


Sapphire often contains delicate intersecting needles of rutile that gemologists call silk.


  • MINERAL: Corundum
  • COLOR: Every color but red

(source GIA Gem Encyclopedia)

NEW: Gemstone Wrap Band - Wrap Wedding Band

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Looking to add some more sparkle to an already beautiful engagement ring - or right hand stacking ring? Look no further, this bling filled five stone wrap band features five 3mm stones in Sterling Silver, 14k Rose Gold, 14k Yellow Gold or 14k Palladium White Gold. Sterling Silver and Garnet are featured above and available for purchase here. Interested in sapphire, moissanite or possibly another stone? Send us a message!

NEW: Thin Chevron Band in 14k Gold

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Our Newest addition to our collection of hand carved Chevron inspired bands. These thin bands measuring about 1.5mm wide can be worn alone, alongside an engagement ring or stacked together as a statement. 14k Yellow Gold and 14k Rose Gold are available for purchase here for 14k Palladium White Gold, please send us a message here

Madelynn Cassin
Madelynn Cassin

Keeping Your Piece Bright and Beautiful: Cleaning and Care Tips

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Does your piece lack the luster it once had? Stone look a little cloudy? Even have some interesting gunk building up under that bezel? Fear not! Here are a few quick and easy steps to return that sparkle in your favorite piece!

Simple Steps to Keep Your Ring Clean

1. Keep Those Hands Clean - Every time you wash your hands, take a minute to rinse the back side of your ring (underneath the bezel) this will help to prevent any gunk from starting to build up and cloud your stone. 

2. Need a deeper Clean? Grab your ring, some hot water, and a pinch of Oxyclean. Place your ring in the solution of Oxyclean and hot water for a 15 minutes, this will help to dissolve any built up skin cells, lotion, hand soap and any other things that make be hiding behind your stone! After the 15 minutes is up take a SOFT bristle toothbrush and give the area behind the stone a good scrub, this will help to remove the dissolved debris. Rinse under the faucet and BAM! Look at that puppy sparkle! 


Chlorine - including any found in hot tubs or pools, Harsh Cleaning Chemicals - they aren't good for you or your jewelry